Fingerprints Studio

Our studio partners with artists to produce novel collections that explore the creative possibilities of blockchain technology.

We provide support for artists to see these projects through from inception to completion.

Previous Drops


Jan Robert Leegte

Launch date: 2023-09-20

Web is a network spawned in the dark, resting within a smart contract waiting to be explored. It is a performance of the Internet itself, a non-linear choreography of a thousand web pages. The pages are expressed as raw HTML structures, empty of content. Some feel vaguely familiar, as if we remember visiting them in the past, some come straight from the depth of the machine.


Melissa Wiederrecht

Launch date: 2023-08-22

In "Crypto-native", Melissa lays bare the thoughts, worries, and sometimes outright strange things that a crypto artist thinks about on a daily basis - shedding light on some of the culture, values, and idiosyncrasies of the crypto-art and NFT movement.


James Merrill

Launch date: 2023-08-22

RUNAWAY is an ambitious attempt to create infinitely unique visuals at scale. In generative art, certain norms have emerged when building long-form projects. RUNAWAY is my attempt to escape these rules and make a vastly divergent system. The artwork engine uses a unique generative layering technique to let each edition run away from formulaic outcomes. These layers compound each other, adding countless possible combinations.

1,000 True Fans

Leander Herzog

Launch date: 2023-08-22

1,000 True Fans refers to an essay by Kevin Kelly from 2008, considering how the internet impacts dynamics between creators and audiences. Blockchain adds a new angle to the same question: What is the size of an audience that makes an artistic practice sustainable? High speed, low-cost transactions and on-chain art expand the space towards millions of new collectors and more accessible cultural production.

Fractal Tapestries

Holger Lippmann

Launch date: 2023-08-22

Fractal Tapestries utilizes up to 8 layers of fractals to produce mesmerizing generative compositions. Lippmann's painting background can be seen as an influence in the color palettes that are utilized in each piece, where off-colors are added as flourishes that add character to each piece.


James Bloom

Launch date: 2023-06-21

GOLD is a dynamic crypto art series where the actions of GOLD collectors are part of this ever-changing artwork, in which prices, levels of activity and on-chain provenance define the art itself.


Harm van den Dorpel

Launch date: 2023-06-07

Maschine is a generative 3D webGL collection of 1,000 pieces developed by Harm van den Dorpel in partnership with Mercedes-Benz NXT and Fingerprints DAO.

Perceptrons is an experimental collection of image-recognition AI models entirely hosted on the Bitcoin blockchain through inscriptions, developed in partnership with



Launch date: 2022-12-14

Sensthesia is a collection of generative audio sensitive artworks using your own microphone as input (whether from footsteps in a hallway, music at an event, or a conversation amongst friends) to generate dynamic visual outputs in real time.


Aaron Penne

Launch date: 2022-03-30

Tracing its lineage to Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawings and Larva Labs’ Autoglyphs, Within/Without further decouples the artist’s instructions from the visual output.

The collection uses newly generated Autoglyph instructions as an underlying structure to generate instructions which create the artwork.

Seed Capital


Launch date: 2022-03-07

Consisting of a plant displayed prominently on a metal sculpture, Seed Capital works as a technologically-augmented organic system which engages in social and financial contracts with its environment.

The plant’s living conditions are measured at predetermined intervals. If the sensor readings fall within the intended range, the system mints an NFT on chain (which is placed for sale at the time of mint), containing the data packages’ values.

The Jims


Launch date: 2022-01-12

Created by DAO member Gremplin with a small bit of help from his friends, The Jims is a collection of 2,048 small amphibious Jim Simons (the greatest investor of all time).

The project is CC0 and in the public domain — so use Jims in any way you want.

Every Icon

John F. Simon Jr

Launch date: 2021-12-10

A blockchain-native expression of John F. Simon’s seminal web-based software artwork (first released in 1997), Every Icon explores every possible combination of black and white squares in a 32x32 grid, discovering a near-infinite number of images on the way.

The duration of a journey through the icon space exceeds human imagination. While the first row of squares takes three months to complete on an average browser, the second row takes 500,000,000 years.

Avid Lines


Launch date: 2021-07-20

An experiment in composability, Avid Lines uses instructions from Autoglyphs along with a set of non-deterministic characteristics assigned at the time of mint to create the 500 works in the collection.

Consisting of lines spread around the canvas, the project is an ode to shapes derived from round-ended lines and complexity from chaos, also drawing inspiration from microscopic nature and movement.