What is Fingerprints?

Fingerprints is a global community and decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that champions blockchain art, currently home to 250+ members including influential collectors, leading digital artists, and top venture capital firms.

The DAO collects art, commissions new works, and supports projects by innovative artists — all of which explore the creative possibilities of blockchain. We are passionate about fostering experimentation and educating the world about this emerging field of artistic practice and the technology that underpins it.


These are the funds supporting our vision:

Our Story

The Fingerprints story starts in early 2021, when a group of like-minded individuals led by Luiz and Shira began collecting Autoglyphs by Larva Labs, the first fully “on-chain” generative art project. Fingerprints now holds 26 Autoglyphs, making the DAO the world’s third largest collector of the work.

In April of the same year, the group launched Fingerprints DAO with the goal of curating, collecting, and promoting on-chain artwork. As the community grew, so did the scope of the collection.

The DAO soon widened its vision to collect seminal smart contract-based artworks showcasing innovative use of the blockchain for artistic expression, in accordance with its strict curatorial thesis and curation system.

Realizing the importance of experimentation and innovation within the field, Fingerprints later launched Fingerprints Studio to support artists’ efforts in the creation of smart contract-based art, generating revenue for the DAO in the process.

Through its collaborative processes and wide membership base, the DAO continues to promote groundbreaking blockchain art, both digitally and physically.

The Fingerprints Collection

Home to the third largest collection of Autoglyphs (by Larva Labs) and the largest collection of Mutant Garden Seeder (by Harm van den Dorpel) in the world, The Fingerprints Collection also includes canonical blockchain artworks by Rhea Myers, Mitchell F. Chan, Sarah Meyohas, 0xDEAFBEEF, and more — many of whom are members of the DAO.

The DAO’s collection (as well as treasury and related decision-making processes) is governed by Fingerprints’ native token, $PRINTS.


$PRINTS are used to represent membership (which requires 5,000 $PRINTS), access private communications channels, and vote on DAO matters which can range from investment opportunities to the general direction of the DAO’s efforts, among other subjects.

Most notably, $PRINTS represent voting rights and financial exposure to the DAO’s holdings (including, but not limited to, its collection and treasury). The value of $PRINTS tokens can be calculated and compared to the DAO’s underlying holdings, an affordance provided by the transparency of blockchain technology.

To calculate the net asset value (NAV) of Fingerprints DAO’s holdings, including The Fingerprints Collection, see Stats.