To become a member, you must acquire at least 5,000 $PRINTS or 1 Voxelglyph (the governance tokens of the DAO).

Fingerprints members receive financial exposure to our collection, access to artists, collectors and curators at the forefront of the blockchain art movement, along with general perks in upcoming studio drops, events and partnerships.

They can also participate in the governance of Fingerprints through proposals and voting.

Get Your Membership

$PRINTS and Voxelglyph prices are free-floating and tied to the value of our collection.

You can acquire $PRINTS via the Uniswap pool, but we recommend using CoW Swap to avoid front-running bots.

The contract address for $PRINTS is: 0x4dd28568D05f09b02220b09C2cb307bFd837cb95

You can also acquire a Voxelglyph through Opensea or other NFT marketplaces.

Join the Community

In order to access our private channels, visit the #join-here channel of the Fingerprints discord server and authenticate your membership.

If you have any issues joining, contact the Fingerprints team for assistance.