Fingerprints members receive exposure to a collection of canonical blockchain artworks, access to artists, tastemakers, collectors, and curators at the forefront of the blockchain art movement.

We also host members-only talks with notable figures in the Fingerprints community, members-only social events, and provide early access to future Fingerprints drops.

To join Fingerprints, you must acquire at least 5,000 $PRINTS (the basic unit of governance for the DAO).

We believe in the permissionless nature of blockchain — as such, there are no additional requirements.

Get Your $PRINTS

$PRINTS prices are free-floating and tied to the value of our collection.

You can acquire $PRINTS via the Uniswap pool below:

Get Verified

In order to access private communications channels, visit the #join-here channel of the Fingerprints Discord and follow the steps provided by Collab.Land.

If there are any issues authenticating your $PRINTS, contact the Fingerprints moderators for assistance.

Learn More

For additional information, visit the Governance page of our GitBook.